Back-Testing Options Strategies With Ease

Stratmaster is an options strategy management system that seeks to assist option strategy developers to manage their option strategies – from design and development stage, back-testing and modification, all the way to loading up the strategy as an automated trade alerts messaging service.

Strategy Builder AnD Editor

Quick and easy building of complex trade execution rules based on option greeks, underlying price, or other measurable variables such as VIX. No programming skills required to build your own strategy or modify an existing strategy.


Stratmaster supports the ability to connect to OptionBotz which is an automated options trading alert-messaging system that provide 'live' trade alerts to you or any of your subscribers.

Advanced Back-Testing feature

There are three mode of back-testing available - automated back-testing to give the strategy a full run without needing human interventions, manual back-testing for fine-tuning the strategy over various environments and control-experiment back-testing to determine the variable which is most effective to market changes.

Huge repository of strategies

Stratmaster has a huge of libraries of strategies designed by many astute options traders. Some of the strategies files are freely available for strategy developers to test and customise further.

Frequently asked questions

Stratmaster is an options strategy management system that seeks to assist option strategy developers to manage their option strategies – from design and development stage, backtesting and modification, all the way to loading up the strategy as an automated trade alerts messaging via OptionBotz

You may backtest with various combinations of the from simple single-leg long calls/puts up to very complex four-legged strategies such as unbalanced condor. You may mix and match a combination of strategies and morph from one combination to another based on preset trigger points. Please see the following page on strategies to get a idea on the various possibilities.

Yes, we can help build your customized strategy. Our Professional Services team is available to help you. Please contact us for more information.

There is no need to be proficient in any computer programming languages to use Stratmaster. The system is designed with ease-of-use as one of the core features to ensure the user is focused on building the best option strategy possible and not divert time and energy on the development environment or need to learn a new programming syntax. Stratmaster uses the popular Microsoft Office Excel formulation to create strategy rules. All that is required is basic knowledge and use of Microsoft Excel and formulation tools.

And if the options developer does not know how to use Excel, we will be happy to assist – see above topic “Can You Build My Strategy For Me?”  

Stratmaster runs in the cloud, so that you can harness the Stratmaster server for institutional speeds from your desktop computer or  your mobile phone / tablet.

There is no software to install.  You can use Stratmaster on any device that has a web browser, including Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Linux, etc. 

Note: In order to see all the necessary information without need to scroll up/down, we would advise developers to use Stratmaster from a device with a minimum diagonal screen size of 11 inches.  

Yes definitely. Your strategy-algorithms are kept secret. We are committed to protecting your intellectual property and keeping it safe. We take this responsibility to our developers extremely seriously.

If you choose to do so, you can export your strategy and save as back-up or share with others. If you choose to share your strategy with others, it is still owned by you, but it is obviously no longer a secret. A shared strategy can be used and further improved by others, and this is something we hope to see as we believe very much in working in collaboration. Nevertheless, the strategy’s intellectual property belongs to you and you have the sole rights to who you like to share it with. 

OptionNalytics employees may see your algorithm in very specific situations, such as when providing technical support or resolving a site stability issue.  Our Terms of Service goes into greater detail about these exceptions.  

Congratulations! You have used Stratmaster’ backtesting features to validate your strategy’s entries, adjustments and exits and it looks very good. So what’s the next? If your motivation for creating a good risk-to-rewards strategy is more than purely academic purpose, obviously you would like to see how your newly created strategy perform in the current market environments using paper-trading. Perhaps if everything looks good you may even plan to move from paper-trading to using actual money to trade.

We will assist to load your strategy into OptionBot which provides you with ‘live’ alerts notifications based on the strategy you created, allowing you now to see how your strategy performs in current ‘live’ markets. Thereafter, you may make further changes to your strategy at any time and OptionBot alert notifications will immediately reflect the new changes. There is no need for any intervention or assistance required by OptionNalytics; you are in full control on any changes and you may experiment to change the strategy as often as you please just like in the backtesting mode phase. So in essence, Stratmaster in combination with OptionBot has provided you with a fully automated options algorithmic trading system using your very own strategy.    


Glad you asked, and yes, this is where it gets very interesting. You may use our system as a trading alerts service to be offered to other options traders. The business model is you may promote your strategy as an alerts messaging service, and OptionNalytics will co-share with you the revenues earned from users who sign-up to your options strategy alerts system. As you are both the strategy developer and business affiliate, you will enjoy a much higher commission compared to other business affiliates. 

Please click HERE to see all the various partnership programs available.

Yes, you may have the full exclusivity in promoting your strategy if you wish to do so. In our ‘White-Label Business Partnership’ (WLBP) program, you will market your strategy alerts services under your own branding. You are also in full-control on marketing your strategy and you are the sole service provider of your strategy alerts system. OptionNalytics will not market your strategy under the OptionBot label, nor will we undertake any marketing or promotions about your strategy on our website or in any of our domains. So this becomes a online business services for you which you are in full-control on strategy product development, product branding, sales & marketing and customer support. You should endeavor to at least have your own website or social media marketing tools to promote your services. As your technology provider, we will ensure that your customers will get service reliability from our server systems on any trading alerts notifications.

If all that is too much work for you, we will assist to promote your strategy on your behalf as part of the OptionBot label, but that also means that you will not have full exclusivity for the selling your strategy alerts system. The strategy remains 100% intellectual property of yours, however you and other business affiliates of OptionNalytics may promote your strategy services under the OptionBot label.  

Please contact us if you need more clarifications on the matter.

Like most of you, the founders of OptionNalytics are retail investors who are very passionate about options trading. We had used many backtesting softwares that are available to retail investors, but came away feeling a bit frustrated over the lack of suitable systems that can easily port our ideas from strategy creation up to the point of using that same strategy to assist in actual live trading. Also, we see the emergence of many platform services where producers and consumers are matched such as cab-hailing app Uber. We hope the the system that we have built may create opportunities for both traders and options developers to work together through a common platform that is easy to use, and provide more collaborations with multiple parties.

Please contact us and we will provide you the details.


Yes we are. As a start-up company, you’ll play a major role in shaping our company direction and enjoy a complete lack of bureaucracy. 

Please contact us and together with your CV if you are interested in joining us. Thank You.

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