Choosing the right option strategy is similar to selecting a vehicle to travel across a difficult terrain. Along the way, you may encounter many obstacles but given the sturdiness of vehicle, you will reach your final destination safely. In this page, we like to showcase some proven track-record strategies that were created by very astute option traders. Some of them are institutional investors while many are created by retail investors like you and me. 

The Stratmaster Strategy File (SFF) is an digital file which contains the entire strategy rules from entry requirements, adjustments and exit conditions. As the name implies, the SSF is based on a proprietary format which is recognizable to Stratmaster Server. As many of strategy developers may have created names of their strategies and created a PDF file which provides the rules in plain English sentences ie. “SELL half of the 20 Delta SPX PUT” and the SSF is the translated version for running the strategy with Stratmaster. In order not to confuse the English version of the strategy file from the SFF, all SSF are prefix with ‘SSF’ prior to the file name. Also, the name is slightly changed from the original strategy name ie. ‘BULL BUTTERFLY.PDF’ strategy may have ‘SSF_BULLFLY’ in SSF format. 

All the strategies listed below are successfully translated into Stratmaster Strategy Format (SSF). Click on the SFF link below for details for more information.     

Note: Most of the listed strategies in this page have intellectual property (IP) rights belonging to the creators of these strategies. OptionNalytics does not provide the detailed strategy rules to our subscribers. If you wish to receive detailed information on any of the listed strategy, we encourage you to contact the creators by clicking the below images, which will re-direct you to their web-sites. Thank You.

Bearish Butterfly

The Bearish Butterfly was developed by industry options veteran Mr. John Locke. According to its website, its a strategy that provides big profits in bearish trending and volatile markets.

Click HERE for information on SSF_FruityFly

Click HERE for information on SSF_BearButterfly

Fruitfly Strategy

The FruitFly strategy is a short-term broken-wing spread on the SPX. It attempts to profit from time decay and capturing the spread between implied volatility and realized volatility. The trade has historically performed well in almost every market condition,

Heart Friendly Butterfly​

The Heart Friendly Butterfly Series was designed by another industry veteran Mr. Seth Freudberg to give market neutral options traders a comprehensive and powerful plan to manage every aspect of a trade -- without needing to "read the market" or understand the complex options greeks.

Click HERE for information on SSF_RoadTripp

Click HERE for information on SSF_HeartButterfly

Road Trip Trade

The Road Trip options strategy is jointly developed by two very well-known options traders Dan Harvey and Tom Nunamaker. Dan is the creator of the Reverse Harvey strategy as well a few other very popular strategies. The Road Trip strategy is a bearish broken wing butterfly that starts 70-85 days to expiration that's easy to monitor and adjust. It has a very flat profit/loss line initially, which is why it can handle large market moves with relative ease.

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