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The advantage for trading options is it allow traders to trade on many different angles, be it price direction, greek values, time decay or volatility. However, the complexity of having to analyse all these data can be a bit daunting at times.

Introducing OptionBotz, an automated options alerts system powered using Data Analytics (DA) technology from Stratmaster Server. Using its library of various complex strategies, OptionBotz provide users with real-time up to date entries, adjustments and exit alerts without having users to break a sweat. Its as simple as read and follow instructions.

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Why OptionBotz?

Data Analytics

OptionBot is built using a three model Data-Analytics system which trades pre-defined proven complex strategies and make adjustments based on the markets forces.

Easy Of Use

Simple to follow by showing only the necessary data alerts.

Fully Interactive

Talking with OptionBot is similar to having a phone texting conversation. You type in the questions and gets reply immediately.

Large selection of strategies

Choose from a library of many different types of strategies which is categorized based on risk profile, adjustment frequencies and delta neutrality.

Round the clock monitoring

That's what bots are good at.. they don't sleep, eat or go to cock-tail parties.

Community Of Users

Every OptionBotz app comes with a corresponding chat-channel of like-minded traders as well as strategy administrator to provide support and assistance.

"We wanted to create a revolutionary product that makes complex options trading into a fun and easy-to-follow process."
Arthur Pok
R&D Director and Co-Founder

Library of Option Strategies Available At OptionBot

"Totally mind blowing ! "

FX Options Magazine

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